Acuren’s High-Powered Linear Accelerator

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The linear accelerator is Acuren’s most powerful x-ray unit, with the ability to x-ray through 18 inches of steel. There are just a handful of linear accelerators available in the country.

 Accelerator Specifications:

  •  9,153 curies of IR-192
  •  3,857 curies of CO-60
  •  Up to 900 RADs per minute
  •  8” steel in 45 second shot
  •  2-2T sensitivity ranges .5”-18”

 Accelerator Equipment:

  • 6/3 MEV linear accelerator
  • GE Vision CR system
  • 3 ton crane that holds the Linear accelerator 
  • The tube head can be pointed at 3 target walls and floor
  •  5 ton crane for part handling
  • 45’ long x 24’ wide vault with 24’ high ceiling  


  • Railroad switches and intersections
  • Industrial components
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