Ground Penetrating Radar


In keeping pace with the cutting edge of the NDT industry we include in our field service
operations, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning, Utility Damage Prevention (DP) and various concrete services.

Our GPR/DP technology allows us a dynamic range of applications:

1. INTERIOR GPR / DP examinations of concrete structures, in 2D and 3D formats, for the purposes of:

• Concrete cutting / coring / drilling or demolition
• Protection / detection of concrete for embedded services
• Engineering for the purposes of concrete structure modification
• Structurally assess, map and report on both concrete structural features and reinforcement of buildings, bridges and other structures. This service utilizes GPR/NDT / DRONE technology for a second to none service

Our unique and robust Interior Examination program is invaluable in fulfilling engineering
controls for project pre-planning.

2. EXTERIOR GPR / DP examinations of grade, in 2D and 3D formats, for the purposes of:

• Excavation
• Boreholes
• Horizontal drilling
• Water table / Aquifer/ Void detection
• Geophysical / Geological mapping
• S.U.E. (Sub-surface Utility Engineering)
• Utility Damage Prevention
• Forensics investigations
• Tank detection and mapping
• Plume detection and mapping

Our field operations have successfully assisted in providing critical information for many projects. Whether it’s a standard excavation or new service installation, a geophysical map for the purposes of engineering, an environmental assessment or a search for potential burial site, we are there. With the best technology available and industry leading training.

3. Utility Damage Prevention / Locating are often used in concert with GPR. It is also a stand-alone service if required. For the purposes of:

• Utility Locating
• Fault detection
• S.U.E.

4. Concrete Core Drilling / Sampling / Concrete Services are provided as an accessory service to our INTERIOR GPR scanning, or as a standalone. In addition to traditional core drilling for penetrations and new service runs, we also offer a complete core sampling service. We scan, core, repair, analyze and report.

For both concrete and asphalt. Offering data on thickness,density, porosity and more.

• Concrete Coring up to 24” in diameter
• Electrical / Security trench cutting
• Concrete penetrations
• Core Sampling

All of these services can be performed in almost any environment or weather, with no risk to public or property. Our reports include a detailed summary/interpretation of all findings and data. Supported with cutting edge imaging and post processing that offer project leads an advantage during both planning and execution.

Our GPR techs are positioned to mobilize anywhere in Canada, and we are ready to support your project or facility, with the industry leading work Acuren is known for. To speak to one of our Ground Penetrating Radar team members, please call our office in Oakville at 905-825-8595 or Victoria at 250-658-6778.