Advanced NDE/NDT 

Headquartered in a state-of-the-art R&D lab in Houston, Acuren's Advanced NDE division has technicians scattered in more than 90 regional offices in North America.

Highly trained technicians

  • Graduates of Acuren’s extensive certification program for Advanced NDT technicians.
  • Additional credentials including API Ultrasonic performance testing, EPRI, ASNT-ACCP and other top owner/user performance testing programs. 

Experts in new fabrication examinations using Phased Array and TOFD as well as hybrid techniques for inspection of heavy wall and bi-metallic welds, weld preparations and components such as deep water rising piping. 

Experts in on-stream inspections using AUT in lieu of Internal Inspection.
  • High Temperature AUT C-Scan and Phased Array inspections.
  • Critical on-stream inspections on reactors, vessels and piping at temperatures up to 700° F.

Advanced Loyal Emergency Response Team (ALERT)

Elite technicians who passed all performance testing in 95th percentile and possess unique skills in project execution, physical endurance, relentless dedication to client satisfaction, and the ability to be the ultimate solution provider to meet client needs.

Advanced NDE Services Include

  • Advanced Ultrasonics (AUT)
  • Advanced Ultrasonics Corrosion Scanning (AUT C-Scan)
  • Alternating Current (ACFM)
  • Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Eddy Current Testing (ET)
  • Electromagnetic (EMAT)
  • Guided Wave
  • Laser Scanning
  • Phased Array (PA)
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)