Fossil Power

Fossil power plants use coal, natural gas or petroleum to create steam to drive turbines that power electrical generators. Key plant components are the boiler, turbine, heat exchanger and high energy piping. Alternative power makes use of wind or water energy to drive generators.

Acuren inspects key components in both fossil and alternative power producers pursuant to mechanical reliability programs that seek to ensure the integrity of plant assets. Acuren uses both conventional and advanced techniques for the examination of boiler tubes, turbines, exchangers and other critical equipment.

Acuren developed BEAM (Boiler Examination and Inspection Module) software to store and report on boiler condition data.

AreaApplicationIssuesMethods UsedCodes & Standards
Power BoilerOutage Inspection PlanningInspection plans to minimize downtime
Boiler examinationBoiler condition assessment
Boiler tube wastage thickness surveys
Low radiation boiler tube replacement weld examination, butt weld examination
Evaluation of oxide deposits in boiler tubes
Tubular air heater inspection

Header inspection to determine condition and remaining life
UT Thickness

Acoustic Ranger, RFT (EC)

Hone & Glow
Boiler life extension programsEvaluating major components and developing life extension strategies
Coal bunker Evaluation of corrosion/erosion in coal bunkerUT thickness gridding, ROPE
High Energy PipingHigh energy piping inspectionSeam weld inspection
Creep void fissuring
Creep damage
UT Shearwave, TOFD, Phased Array
MT, Dimensional Inspection
Steam GeneratorsSuperheater loop inspectionOxide Thickness MeasurementsNOTUS
Feedwater LinesFlow accelerated corrosion of feedwater lines
Scrubber tank visual inspectionsScrubber tank lining replacement projectsVT, PT of new liner installation
TurbineTurbine generator examinationInspection of rotors, diaphragms, studs, bearing, valves
Turbine re-build inspections
UT, Phased Array, MT, PT
Balance of Plant EquipmentAbove ground storage tank inspectionAPI tank inspectionsAPI-653, API-510
Construction NDT services
Stack InspectionROPE
Reliability ServicesRotating equipment vibration analysisReliability Engineering Services
Vibration Analysis

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