Auto manufacturers and their suppliers are under ongoing pressure to improve the way their safety critical components are inspected, to reduce the length of inspection turnaround times, and to improve the overall quality of inspection.

Acuren provides NDT, metrology and materials engineering services for safety critical parts. NDT test methods include computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), real time radiography (RTR), high volume liquid penetrant (PT), ultrasonic (UT) for spot weld examination, eddy current (ET), visual inspection (VT) along with hardness and velocity testing.

We assist, design and implement inspection programs for pre-production prototypes and first article inspection as part of the Pre Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP); post-production statistical random inspection; and in determining the cause of failure of manufacturing quality processes as part of containment processes.  

Acuren is an approved source for sorting/visual inspection, dimensional inspection, CMM (coordinate measuring machine), rework, repackaging, problem solving, technical quality liaison representation, and training & development. Our facilities in Dayton, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Brookfield lead Acuren locations as high volume facilities with personnel, equipment and procedures dedicated to the automotive industry.

AreaApplicationsIssuesMethods UsedCodes & Standards
PrototypeInitial inspectionDevelopment of inspection scheme
Inspection of prototype components
PPAP Parts Approval ProcessPAP parts inspectionQualify production process for a new part or a change in part specification. Typical inspection sample size 1:150.MT, PT, CR, DR, UT, RTR
Random Parts InspectionRandom parts inspectionInspection of statistical sample of parts to provide assurance that the overall batch meets requirements. Typical inspection sample size 1:30,000.MT, PT, CR, DR, UT, RTR
First Article InspectionInitial component inspectionInitial inspection program for complete assemblyMT, PT, CR, DR, UT, RTRISO 9000
Containment100% parts inspectionRapid response/ rapid turnaround with reporting useful to the supplier in remedying any engineering issues. Typical inspection sample 1:1.MT, PT, CR, DR, UT, RTRASTM 1742 RT, 1417 PT, E709MT
RT Reference Standard ASTM E446, 186, 155

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