Aerospace components are safety critical and highly inspected. Inspection programs are part of the manufacturer’s quality procedures and, in many cases, required by FAA regulations.

Acuren has multi-disciplined personnel with aerospace industry experience that work in a laboratory environment. They utilize traditional and advanced NDT methods to identify defects in critical structural, airframe, engine and accessory components. Many of these defects would otherwise be undetectable using only visual or conventional inspection methods. Our service procedures meet aerospace industry standards, and plan the work to minimize turnaround time.

Acuren also assists its clients with the development of inspection procedures.

AreaApplicationsIssuesMethods UsedCodes & Standards
GeneralAerospace cast parts, forgings
Turbine blade inspection
Turbine rotor inspection
Composite materials inspection
Field site inspections
Ultrasonic immersion scanning inspection systems for raw materials, forgings, castings, pipes, welding and assemblies.

Immersion UT system is semi-automated with analyzing and reporting software. Immersion C-Scan. Calibration test pieces used include flat bottom hole blocks to pipes with EDM notches at OD and ID
ISO 17025
GEG, Rolls Royce,
Northrup Grumman, Bell Certifications
Fluorescent magnetic particle inspection for forgings, casting and machined aerospace components. Stationary bench equipment with two foot coil.

Fluorescent penetrant inspection services for inspection of machined, fabricated and welded aerospace components and assemblies.

Penetrant testing: Type 1, Method A, Water Washable and Type 1, Method D, Post Emulsified.

Materials testing service stress rupture, tensile bends, weld bend test
All procedures prepared, reviewed and approved by ASNT Level III.
Full time Level III support for all testing

ASTM E1417, E1444 and MIL-STD-6866

UT AMS MIL-2154, AMS-2154

ET customer specific specification, automated eddy current based on cycle counts
RT customer specific specification
Installation of etch inspection line/FPI line, install, and provide inspection services. Acuren to operate line.

CMM Coordinate Measuring Machining to verify part metrology fit, form and function. Cary Blevin. Metrology Work.

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