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Monthly Maintenance Contract Pays Dividends

Monthly Maintenance Contract Pays Dividends

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Irving Wallboard is a highly automated, 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility that provides a broad range of gypsum wallboard products for use in the construction industry. This Saint John facility is one of the newest and most modern wallboard manufacturing facilities in North America. Acuren provides monthly Condition Based Monitoring services, whereby CBM Specialists will visit the plant to collect, measure and analyze vibration data on 100 of their assets. This monthly monitoring uncovered a bearing fault that would have remained undetected until a costly failure occurred. This discovery enabled Irving Wallboard to plan a shutdown and repair.

“We changed a motor as recommended from last month’s inspection which indicated obvious bearing faults. The motor was on our kiln and behind a guard off of the catwalk where it would be hard to detect by any other means. If this was not detected during your regular inspection we would have had to go down for a lengthy period as well as possibly lost a kiln full of product. Keep up the good work - it is paying us dividends.”  Jeremy Fader, Maintenance Supervisor at Irving Wallboard


Each month Acuren Condition Based Monitoring Specialists collect machinery vibration and structure borne ultrasonic data as part of the regular condition monitoring program at Irving Wallboard. Many of the assets in this facility are positioned in such a way that visual inspection is difficult or impossible. The collection and analysis of dynamic vibration measurements provides the critical data required for maintenance and shut down decisions and planning. The data collected resulted in a recommendation to change the motor on this recirculation fan.

What We Did

Trained and experienced technicians interpret the data collected, and make recommendations to the site maintenance teams based on findings of criticality and failure risk. The CBM technicians work as a member of the client’s team to identify and diagnose potential failure conditions before they result in unplanned outages. This motor was destined to fail if left undiagnosed.


Proactive Detection Prevents Costs of a Failure

The maintenance crew was able to replace this motor during a planned outage based on the findings from the monthly monitoring program. Had this motor been left undiagnosed and left in operation until failure, Irving Wallboard estimates that cost to the business would have been approximately $100,000.

“We often realize these types of benefits from our monthly condition monitoring programs. Having Acuren’s experienced condition monitoring specialists provide this type of proactive data collection and reporting service offers yet another tool for our customers to mitigate their risk or improve their performance.”
Hughes Arseneau - Manager, Business Development