Storage Tank Inspection

Acuren's technicians inspect above ground storage tanks and associated containment area in plants, tank terminals and other locations. Inspection areas include the tank roof (including domes, seals), tank shell, aperture, evaluation of settlement, strapping, and tank floor.

The majority of above ground storage tanks were designed and built to the API-650 Standard, which requires inspection and re-certification by API-653 certified inspectors based on the following minimum intervals:

  • 5 years in-service visual inspection by a qualified inspector
  • 15 years in-service shell thickness measurement
  • 20 year out-of-service internal inspection

These standards apply to petroleum products. More severe corrosive environments require more frequent inspection intervals.

Our technicians are certified to API, STI and client-specific standards to inspect all tank components, including the containment area. We can help you achieve full compliance with government mandates, including recent spill containment legislation.

Acuren RoleAcuren works to identify factors leading to the deterioration and possible failure of storage tanks, including:

> corrosion: localized and general material wastage, hydrogen blistering, caustic cracking
> settlement: excess stress in welds, floor and shell material and attachments
> foundation: poor drainage leads to corrosion
> roof: prevent product emission, vents can cause total failure by vacuum.
> insulation: trapped moisture causes accelerate corrosion
Methods UsedUT, MT, PT,
AUT Corrosion Mapping
Vacuum Box Leak Detection
Codes/StandardsAPI 653, 650
NACE Coating
Reliability Programs Supporting this ApplicationCertified tank bottom examiners in accordance with API 653 Annex G

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