Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance starts with an understanding of failure mechanisms that help shape a reliability based predictive maintenance program. Operating parameters, tracked over time, provide insight as to the condition of key components and permit early identification of impending failure.

Acuren’s approach starts with prioritizing maintenance activities, using a combination of historical data and scheduled monitoring. This approach is in contrast to “run to failure” and “replace on interval.” Predictive maintenance results in better use of maintenance assets, less unplanned downtime and lower cost of repairs when failures are identified.

Read our case study to learn how Acuren's predictive maintenance pays dividends. 

Acuren RoleAcuren services evaluate equipment condition as part of a baseline assessment or routine program, provide advanced diagnostics of equipment that is experiencing problems, or work with our clients to reduce costs of ownership and eliminate unscheduled downtime.
Methods UsedVibration Analysis, Structure borne Ultrasound, Infared, Motor Circuit Analysis, Laser Shaft Alignment, Visual Inspection, Equipment Structural Frame Engineering
Reliability Programs Supporting this Application

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